A Guide to Finding a Good Criminal Lawyer

Finding a good criminal lawyer is imperative, no matter how innocent you may be. While it may be easy to plead your case in day-to-day life, the law is not so flexible . . . and it’s far more complicated.  No matter how well you might be able to reason your story and show your innocence in a situation where a criminal charge is leveled against you, it might not matter. The lawyer will be able to do far more than you in a court of law, and you will be better off if you remain quiet and allow the attorney to represent you.

Get a Criminal Lawyer
Don’t go alone. Find yourself a criminal lawyer who can teach you some of the language that is used in court, but remember that their livelihood is dependent on arguing in a way that cannot be refuted. They know the words and how to use them far better than you might. A good lawyer might save you from time in jail or heavy fines. From a black mark on your record or house arrest, they want to win the case, and they want to win it for you.

While you need their help, they can’t do it without your active presence. There’s a process of give-and-take that happens in the courtroom, and you can’t choke up in the middle of the court. You don’t want to stammer; it makes it look like you’re lying! Any criminal lawyer needs you to be calm, consistent and as much at peace with yourself as you can be.

Finding One
If only it were as easy as picking a name out of a hat, but it isn’t. Your reputation, your future and your life are at stake! You don’t want to risk everything you have by going for the first name that pops in front of your name. You need to be smart about it.

Make sure that the lawyer you find actually cares about your case. You don’t want a lawyer who’s just going through the motions; you want them as invested in proving your innocence as you are! If a lawyer is concerned – and a good criminal lawyer will be – then they’ll take the time to learn about you, to dig under the surface and see who you are as a person. As their client, you need to trust your lawyer in every way and throughout every step of the process.

Reputation Is Important
Don’t be afraid to judge a lawyer on their reputation. There are countless law firms out there which produce solid lawyers ready to defend your rights in a court of law and make sure you are treated the way you deserve. Make sure to look within your state as you don’t want to find the perfect lawyer only to discover they’re far away. Also, a lawyer in your state will know the federal laws involved in helping you prove your innocence in court. There are countless sites out there to check up on attorneys.  The first place to start is the State Bar of California. There you can enter in the attorney and find out how long they have been practicing, and if they have any negative marks on their record.  Another place to look is Avvo.com.  Avvo is a main source for people looking for reviews of attorneys.

In the end, just remember that NO attorney can promise you a specific result.  The attorneys at  Netzah & Shem-Tov however, can promise that they’ll fight for you until all options have been exhausted. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you on your criminal law case 818-995-4200.