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You should meet Raviv Netzah, CEO of Netzah & Shem-Tov. Not only is Raviv an experienced attorney with an outstanding track record, he’s also a fellow rider. Just like you, Raviv is out on the dunes with his family every holiday weekend. He’s an attorney who shares your values, your passion, and can speak your language when it comes to confronting complicated legal issues. Give us a call at 877-877-1199. We are offering a 10% discount to all fellow Glamis Riders!!




Netzah & Shem-Tov specializes in:
Criminal Law
Expunging Criminal Records
Bankruptcy (Personal / Business Chapter 7 &  13)
Adversary Proceedings / Litigation
Creditor Rights
Intellectual Property (Trademarks/Copyrights/Patents)
Construction Law (CSLB)
Civil / Business Law

We look forward to hearing from you. See you on the dunes!


A quick word from Raviv:
(Attorney at Law & Fellow Glamis Rider)

Hello To All My Sand Loving Friends,

I am so excited about the debut of this particular page.  I am excited to have a chance to meet new friends and create a new clientele basis that shares in my personal passion for Sand Sports.  If you are a rider, like my family and I, then you know what I am talking about, this is a lifestyle, not just a hobby.  I always find it easier and more rewarding to work with people that share my values that are based on family, outdoors and undisturbed freedom that goes so hand in hand with our lifestyle.  I personally specialize in criminal defense, business litigation and construction law.  I graduated from UCLA School of Law 13 years ago and have been practicing all over Southern California since them.  My firm employs lawyers that specialize in a wide array of areas such as Contracts, Trademarks, Copyright, Bankruptcy and Employment Law.  I would love to meet with you, and after we compare toys, help you with all of your legal needs.  Come ride with me in Glamis, or reach me at our Los Angeles office.


Raviv Netzah

Or you can call toll free: (877) 877-1199 ext 806


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