At Netzah & Shem-Tov, we believe our legal results speak for themselves.
Here is a list of just a handful of legal results we have been able to secure for our clients.

*CA Penal Code 273.5, felony domestic violence.
Initial offer: 180 days in county jail, felony conviction for domestic violence, lifetime loss of right to vote, lifetime loss of right to own weapons, 52 week anger management course following release from jail, fine of $4,700, 5 years formal probation, stay away order for 3 years from spouse and the family home.
End result: Case dismissed!!!

* DUI for Drugs and Felony Evasion
4 day jury trial @ the Torrance Courthouse
Case Dismissed with Prejudice!

* Moneys owed to client
Obtained $90,000 settlement for subcontractor who was owed $80,000 from the General Contractor for the last 2 years.
Costs to Client – Only $300

* Defense of copyright infringement lawsuit:
Plaintiff’s Complaint sought $600,000 in damages, punitive damages, and approximately $50,000 in attorney fees.
Final Judgment: Finding of innocent infringement.  $800 damages for Plaintiff, no attorney fees awarded.

Represented  creditor in a bankruptcy adversary proceeding. Resulted in our client receiving 100% of what was owed.

3 misdemeanor charges for Vandalism, Van Nuys Courthouse.
Initial offer:  plead to all three counts, $7000 in restitutions, 3 years probation, 30 days county jail, 1 year anger management classes, stay away order.
End result:  2 charges dropped, plea to 1 charge of simple misdemeanor vandalism, $150 fine, no jail, no anger management classes.

DUI involving a driver under 21 years old, Van Nuys Courthouse.
Initial offer: Misdemeanor DUI conviction, 1 year hard license suspension without possibility of provisionary license, 10 days county jail, fine of $2,300.00, 5 years probation, MAAD Class, Morgue Class, installation of breathalyzer in vehicle for 1 year following suspension of driver’s license.
End result: Misdemeanor reduced to a simple infraction, conviction will be permanently and automatically sealed in 9 months when client turns 21 years old, no jail time, NO LICENSE SUSPENSION, no MAAD no Morgue, $450 fine.

*2 Felony charges for Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Battery, Van Nuys Courthouse.
Initial offer: 1 year County Jail, $5,000 victim restitutions, 1 year anger management classes post jail time, 5 years formal probation.
End Result: initially all charges dropped to misdemeanor charges. Following personal one on one meeting with the head Prosecutor in Van Nuys, case was completely DISMISSED!

* 2nd DUI within 10 years.  Van Nuys Courthouse.
Initial offer:  DUI conviction, 96 hours jail, 9 months alcohol program, MAAD, Morgue, 60 months probation, 2 year driver’s license revocation.
End result:  No DUI conviction, Exhibition of Speed instead, which is NOT a priorable offense, 12 hour alcohol program, no jail, no Morgue, 24 months Summary Probation, no jail, no MAAD, no driver’s license suspension and/or revocation.

*APS hearing with DMV for 2nd Felony DUI with injuries.
Initial offer:  2 year hard suspension.
End Result:  We appealed the decision and obtained a re-hearing with Sacramento.  After 2 additionally hearings and the filing of some paperwork the entire case was set aside and the suspension was entirely removed, client allowed to drive immediately.

San Fernando Courthouse, 2nd Felony DUI, violation of probation of first DUI, evasion from police, car chase ending up in an accident.
Initial offer:  1 year prison, revocation of driving privileges for 10 years, restitutions of $5,500, 5 years formal probation, 18 months alcohol program.
End Result: reduction of DUI to misdemeanor DUI, no probation violation of 1st DUI, no prison/jail, suspension of driving privileges for 90 days, no restitutions, 9 months alcohol program.

* Alhambra courthouse, 2nd felony DUI with injuries.
Initial offer:  Driver’s license suspension for 2 years, 180 days county jail, 18 months alcohol program, fine of nearly $5k, MADD, morgue class, Ignition Interlock Device for 12 months.
End result:  felony reduced to misdemeanor DUI, no jail time, 6 months alcohol program, fine of $1750, no license suspension, no MAAD, no ignition interlock device.

* Van Nuys courthouse, triple felony case, pc 273.5, pc 148, domestic violence with injury, resisting arrest, evasion. 
Initial offer:  120 days jail, 90 days community labor, restitution of $10k, 1 year domestic violence classes, one year anger management.
End result:  domestic violence charge dropped, evasion and resisting arrest dropped down to misdemeanors, 25 days community service, no jail, no fine, no restitution, 1 year anger management classes.

* Compton courthouse, felony resisting arrest and felony terrorist threats. 
Initial offer:  2 years prison.
End result:  terrorist threats charge dropped, resisting arrest felony charge (penal code 69) reduced to a misdemeanor interfering with police officer duties (penal code 148), no jail, 3 months anger management.  Client’s criminal record was expunged the same day as the plea, so now client can legally and truthfully say that he was never convicted of any crime.

* San Fernando courthouse, felony animal abuse. 
Initial offer:  180 days jail.
End result:  entire case dismissed.